Empower custodians and law enforcement to combat astonishing misfortunes ascend with human vulnerable resources security by providing a comprehensive sanctuary system erected on state-of-art GPS (Global Positing System), GIS (Geo-spatial Information System), GSM (Global System Mobile Communications), IT (Information Technology), Mobile technologies and Hadoop infrastructure.

Deliver Kshema product erected on state-of-art cutting-edge GPS (Global Positing System), GIS (Geo-spatial Information System), GSM (Global System Mobile Communications), IT (Information Technology), Mobile and Hadoop technologies to shield human vulnerable resources from calamities with instantaneous sanctuary with conveyance of indispensable comfort.


Establish state-of-art command center and product development center to provide comprehensive sanctuary system to combat misfortunes ascend.

Partner with mobile service providers, tracking system manufactures, and device entrenching manufactures to emerge as pioneers in human vulnerable resources security industry in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh markets.


  • Track HVRs’ real-time on google maps using UIA without intruding their privacy.
  • Pre-authorize two cell numbers for sentinels to receive alerts and set one pre-authorized cell number for ERT.
  • Auto-track with specific intervals, setup dynamic geo-fence for tracking system, authorized cell numbers can track on ad-hoc basis including a CC access with toll-free number to talk and SMS.
  • SoS alarm feature to intimate CC and sentinels via SMS when HVRs’ in trouble.
  • Pre-defined alerts when PTDs’ are low in battery, tampered, Out of Geo-fence, speeding more than set limit.
  • When HVR in trouble, CC will track real-time on google maps, perform voice surveillance to hear nearby voices, moving alert alarm and speeding alarm, automatically involves ERT with location details and further assists to combat.
  • Kshema UIA provide rich application interface along with pre-defined reports, establishes regular email/SMS/Postal mail communications, allows customize reports and manage customized features of Kshema.


A product of ITS, inheriting name from Sanskrit word, Kshema, means safe and secure. Recited as last mantra in every hindu Pooja, “Kshemaya punnargamana” for gods to return back safely, Kshema warrants and empowers personal security to your loved ones by combining cutting edge technologies of GPS, GIS, GPRS, Web, Mobile and Hadoop. Track and Locate, Draw a Geo-Fence, get alerted with Location and SOS alarm in addition to voice monitoring. Uniquely designed for human vulnerable resources to track and help when unexpected trouble arises and provide security confidence to sentinels.



Personal Tracking Device (PTD): Mini tracking device built with GPS and GSM integrated with capable of sending GPS coordinates via GMS –SMS (Short Message Service) to authorized mobile numbers and location base tracking systems with specific intervals. In addition, PTDs’ are equipped with SOS alarm, Geo-fence settings, Voice monitoring, Speeding alerts, Movement alerts, Low battery alert, unknown access block and motion/shock sensor.

Human Vurenable Resources (HVR): HVR’s will carry PTD smacking when safety is required and trained to operate tracking device to notify Command Center and sentinels.

Sentinels: Parents, guardians, care givers, school administration or other custodians will subscribe to kshema and ensure security of HVRs’. Using web or mobile application, sentinels can set geo-fence, can track HVRs’ whereabouts, communicate with command center and involve emergency response teams.

Device Entrenching Manufactures (DEM): DEMs’ of Kshema will provide PTDs’ carried by HVRs’ as detachable concealments to isolate and neutralize.

Emergency Response Teams (ERT): Kshema actively involves emergency response teams: police, health care providers, respective volunteer organizations when HVRs’ security is breached or misfortunes occur.

Command Center (CC): Kshema state-of-art world class command center will monitor PTD’s carried by HVR’s constantly and notify sentinels in case of misfortunes and involve necessary ERT’s to rescue.

User Interface Applications (UIA): Kshema provides web and mobile based (Android and iPhone) user interface applications for sentinels to manage HVR’s and customize features based on requirements.

Mobile Service Provider (MSP): GSM telecom service provider institutes communication channel between PTDs’ and CC/sentinels authorized cell phones.

GIS Service Provider (GSP): GSP interprets GPS coordinates to human readable map. Provides map solution to kshema applications and command center.


GPS Tracker Manufacturer

Kshema uses GPS Tracker device, product with real-time tracking gps tracker with google map link, shake sensor/SOS/Geo-fence/GPRS/LBS/glonass ITS establishes long-term partnership with Shenzhen Xexun for continuous production of GPS Tracker devices.

Mobile Operator

Kshema tracking devices communicate with command center and authorized mobile numbers via GSM/SMS. Each tracking device is embedded with GSM SIM card to enable communication. Airtel best suites kshema requirements as it are largest provider of mobile telephony in India. Airtel operates in all telecom circles of India. Airtel is the largest operator in rural India, with 83.82 million subscribers as of April 2013. Airtel was the 6th most valued brand according to an annual survey conducted by Brand Finance and The Economic Times in 2010.

ITS establishes partnership with Airtel in two categories: SIM cards customization and dedicated SMSC. Kshema tracking device require SIM card to communicate through mobile network. SIM cards are fixed and pre-defined to work with kshema tracking devices. SMSC (Short Message Service Center) is a network element in the mobile telephone network. Its purpose is to store, forward, convert and delivers SMS messages. SMS traffic used by kshema is significant and it is recommended to have dedicated SMSC. All SMS related to kshema will be routed through dedicated SMSC.

Law Enforcement

Partnering with local law enforcement department is crucial for success of kshema. Kshema checks credibility and criminal history/background of customers with law enforcement to evade exploitation of kshema. Cyberabad Metropolitan Police department is apt for partnership. Cyberabad Police Jurisdiction covers an area of 3600 Sq. Kms. It has a Population of 70 Lakhs (approx). We serve the Communities with the help of 43 Police Stations (Law & Order) & 12 Traffic Police Stations supported by a series of auxiliary Police Units.

Belt Manufacture

Kshema tracking device will be concealed into belt buckle for clandestine tracking and security endowment. Kids will wear the belt when need to be secured. Metal buckle will have compartment to hide tracking device and lock it. ITS will partner with local belt manufacturer to build buckles with belt.